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International peace-keeping is one of the three missions of the Swiss Armed Forces; this mission is carried out by SWISSINT (Swiss Armed Forces International Command) which is stationed at the Wil military training area in Stans-Oberdorf (NW).

The implementation of the armed forces’ ‘peace-keeping’ mission comprises amongst other things recruitment, logistic support, mission-specific training of personnel and national command during operations.



The largest Swiss contingent stationed in Kosovo, comprising 165 men and women who perform various jobs mainly allocated according to vocational skills.


A small Swiss contingent in Bosnia, comprising 20 men and women who are mostly allocated to one of the two LOTs, depending on their human and social skills.


Only officers are deployed on these missions. They are allocated jobs as military experts, i.e. military observers, advisors and liaison officers, or as staff officers in UN missions.


The Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission NNSC set up at the demarcation line between North and South Korea, to which five Swiss officers are permanently deployed, is Switzerland’s most long-standing mission.

Humanitarian demining

10 experts are engaged in the task of humanitarian demining, including IT management, logistics and financial specialists.

Capacity building

In the broad sense, capacity building means supporting countries in their efforts to develop peacekeeping competencies. Implementing these may entail training co-operation.


Recruitment 1

The initial stage of recruitment takes place in one of the four recruitment centres at your discretion.

Recruitment 2

The second stage of recruitment takes place at Wil military training area in Stans-Oberdorf (Canton of Nidwalden), the home of the Armed Forces International Command SWISSINT.

Mission-specific training is carried out at the SWISSINT training centre in Stans.

Further informatio on the courses

Deployments last between six and twelve months, depending on the mission.


Peace support personnel are deployed on one of Switzerland’s peace support missions abroad. Persons on these deployments are volunteers, who receive a salary and whose tour of duty is limited from six to twelve months.

In general, both men and women may participate in these missions provided:

  • they fulfill the basic requirements (Swiss citizenship, driving license, etc) and
  • they have the necessary expertise for the job according to the function-specific requirement profile.


SWISSINT’s marketing team travels through Switzerland in order to explain the various aspects of peace support to the Swiss people and provide potential candidates with detailed information.

If you have questions or simply wish to learn more about peace support and the opportunities it has to offer, meet us at one of our numerous public events, such as trade and employment fairs, universities, recruit school open days, and many more. We look forward to your visit!


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