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Structural-/Civil Engineering

  • Tasks

    SWISSCOY members are active in the construction and disassembly of camp infrastructure. Additionally, they can be utilised for road-construction. In cooperation with international KFOR troops and as part of the Freedom of Movement Detachments (FoMD), SWISSCOY soldiers also clear blockades in roadways to maintain unobstructed motorways.

    Possible functions

    • Platoon Commander / Engineer Platoon SWISSCOY
    • Section Commander / Structural Engineering SWISSCOY
    • Section Commander / Civil Engineering SWISSCOY
    • Head of Engineering Materials SWISSCOY
    • Construction Planner SWISSCOY
    • Civil Engineer SWISSCOY
    • High-voltage Electrician SWISSCOY
    • Sanitation Facility Worker SWISSCOY
    • Timber Construction Worker SWISSCOY
    • Metal Construction Worker SWISSCOY
    • Mason SWISSCOY
    • Construction Machine Driver SWISSCOY

    Sought after profiles

    • Individuals with completed training qualifications in the construction trade, or as electricians, plumbing, carpentry, metal construction or similar training fields.
    • Individuals with completed education in civil engineering.
    • Appropriate military training or background is required for functions such as platoon commander or section commander.

      SWISSCOY in Kosovo is the Swiss Armed Forces largest peace support operation to date. 215 men and women undertake a wide variety of functions in support of Kosovo Force (KFOR).

      • From application to assignment abroad

        Interested women and men can apply to the SWISSINT Competence Centre for a peace-promoting mission abroad within the framework of the Swiss Armed Forces. We are looking for experts from a wide variety of professions. The basic requirements differ depending on the mission and type of operation.

        Do you have any questions about the selection process or the scope of functions? Feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.