• Tasks

    Members of the SWISSCOY working in the area military police contribute essential support for KFOR as a part of the International Military Police (IMP) Detachment. This department is tasked with the control and adherence of regulations of KFOR, especially in the area of traffic patrol and camp security. When necessary, the IMP will handle criminal cases and conduct investigations along with partner nations. IMP personnel can also be positioned for services such as property or individual protection, safety and security control or prevention measures.

    Possible functions

    • Force Provost Marshal KFOR (FPM)
    • Operations Officer Force Provost Marshal KFOR
    • Deputy Station Commander International Military Police (IMP) KFOR
    • Service Member International Military Police (IMP) KFOR

    Sought after profiles

    • Individuals with training as military police, police officer, border patrol guards, or with completed military police basic training.

      SWISSCOY in Kosovo is the Swiss Armed Forces largest peace support operation to date. 215 men and women undertake a wide variety of functions in support of Kosovo Force (KFOR).

    • From application to assignment abroad

      Interested women and men can apply to the SWISSINT Competence Centre for a peace-promoting mission abroad within the framework of the Swiss Armed Forces. We are looking for experts from a wide variety of professions. The basic requirements differ depending on the mission and type of operation.

      Do you have any questions about the selection process or the scope of functions? Feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.