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Training Officers

  • Tasks

    Swiss officers are deployed in training centres in Ghana and Kenya. They support these international training centres in various capacities and contribute to targeted training of international armed forces, police officers and civilians in the area of peacekeeping. The subject areas include topics such as mediation, security sector reform, conflict analysis, civil-military cooperation, gender equality, protection of civilians, international law of war or planning and logistics. Swiss officers undertake planning, organization, coordination tasks, instruct courses, evaluate and analyse course content or manage online communication channels.

    Possible functions

    • Course Instructor
    • Head of Training, Evaluation and Development (TED)
    • Directeur des Stages
    • Chief of IT
    • Digital Communications and Website Management Officer

    Sought after profiles

    • Swiss Armed Forces officers with the military rank first lieutenant, captain, major or lieutenant colonel and completed university degree or vocational training.
    • Capacity Building

      Swiss officers support international training centres and develop members of international armed forces, police officers, and civilians as instructors in the field of peacekeeping.

      • From application to assignment abroad

        Interested women and men can apply to the SWISSINT Competence Centre for a peace-promoting mission abroad within the framework of the Swiss Armed Forces. We are looking for experts from a wide variety of professions. The basic requirements differ depending on the mission and type of operation.

        Do you have any questions about the selection process or the scope of functions? Feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.